ConneX Communities' social networking sites allows you to add friends, send messages, post status updates and share content, like photos and links with YOUR very own community

Facebook post, live-streams, cash apps, pre-recorded videos and so much more are becoming the norm of how we experience worship today. No longer do we wait until Sunday mornings to connect with our spiritual communities, we simply log on and began liking, commenting and sharing readily available content provided by the ministries we follow online.

Although the use of new aged technology & popular social media sites has made it easier to grow online communities, there may be some unknown risks many are not aware of using such platforms such as unexplained censorships, spam, unsolicited ads and account removals. Therefore, we wanted to give back the control to online ministries and their members by providing the same features many are use too but on thier own platform.

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Built With Custom Core & Premium Features

We Provide:

  • NEW VIP Community Owner Welcome kit with helpful quick links and shortcut
  • Success Toolkit filled with Tutorial Videos and growth focused ebooks
  • How to connect, launch and transition your network to your new online community
  • How to create engagement and active participation in your group
  • How to grow your new online community
  • Personalized Account Access Dashboard
  • Onboarding 1 on 1 Training 
  • ConneX Community Tech Support

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Frequently asked questions

Get your own Social Media site so you can start connecting, engaging and growing online, the community you serve and support your way!
– Control your own community and data on your terms, on your turf!
– Have the freedom to build your community without censorship or restrictions!
– Never risk shut down or loss of access to the community you took years to build!

Your ConneX Communities’ membership is an annually based subscription paid monthly with an option to renew each year and remains active for as long as you need access.

ConneX Communities offers you the ability to broadcast your live stream content direct to your site and simply requires a live stream host i.e. Vimeo, YouTube Live, Periscope, Instagram Live, IBM Cloud Video, etc.

We respect your time, and as such offer interactive demos up front with plug-and-play access in our model community, informative tutorials and Community Owner testimonials making it easy for you to come to a go/no-go decision without the need for a FREE trial.

ConneX Communities believes in keeping it simple by including the most popular social media features, top quality customer support and hosting fees in its competitive monthly price. No tricks. No hidden surprises

We believe you should never have to break-up your brand over multiple platforms. Instead ConneX Communities’ offer prebuilt social networking sites that connect right to your website so you never have to choose.
– Add your new social media community as a tab right on your website, or as a call to action link directly on your site’s home page. On your terms, on your turf!

No sub-domains. As the Community Owner of your own NEW Social Networking site, you’ll get a direct URL to invite your users/members to your new social media site. (i.e. if your new community is Peters Pets your URL would be

Yes, as the Community Owner, you now have your own NEW Social Networking site, however we own the virtual/ground it sits on. Like a condo, you own the unit while the developer owns the land.